Easily Identify, Find & Keep the Right Customers...

We are excited to announce the launch of Customer Insights- a tool that integrates directly into your current credit card processing data and accessible right from your My Merchant Data Portal.


Watch a quick demo here.


See how the Customer Insights tool has helped similar businesses.



Using the Customer Insights tool a restaurant validates that its weekend customers come from a different part of town and have different characteristics from it's weekday customers.  Now they can make better marketing and purchasing decisions based on real customer preferences and characteristics. 


A sneaker shop looking to expand into adjacent communities uses Customer Insights to identify a target audience of parents with high net worth and discretionary spending and mails a promotion, offering a discount on branded t-shirts. 

Using Customer Insights to understand the demographics of their current customers a prominent retailer with a strong web presence can better refine all of their campaigns- email, direct mail, advertising, and the development of their catalog.