BizShield and Insights

As a modern day merchant you are surrounded by an increasing number of threats to your business, but you don’t have the time, tools, or expertise to mitigate them. Insights powered by Womply and BizShield are two new solutions that will keep you informed of many aspects of your business. Through our partnership with Womply, our merchants now have a social media monitoring tool to help keep their business growing and their reputation positive.


BizShield - online review monitoring

Actively monitors your business and alerts you via email of threats which can negatively impact you business


Save time BizShield monitors your business 24/7 so you don’t have to. It will tell you if it sees problems with your online reputation, website, and more.

Business growth If BizShield spots a problem or opportunity, they’ll email you with tips and suggestions on how to respond so you can get more customers.

Alerts Daily emails provide reputation, listing, and competitor alerts. Weekly emails market and category alerts. Monthly emails provide claim status and summary information about the past month.

Business information Bizshield helps you be aware of any online inaccuracies such as hours, phone numbers and wrong addresses, so potential customers can find your business while searching online.


Insights - reputation management tool

Is a platform which helps merchants take action to resolve threats to your business & enables you to thrive!

Save time Manage your online business listings and social media accounts from one portal-based reputation management and analytics tool.

Business growth Provides a 360° view of your business. It monitors revenue, customer loyalty, local competitor revenue & reputation analysis by zip codes.

Performance tool Helps you better understand customer attraction and retention, your market performance, and what gives you the edge over your competitors